The Space Engineering Research and Graduate Program (SpaceED) at University of California was founded in 2001. Current research activities and course offerings are in:

  • Reusable Space Transportation Systems
  • Human rated Earth to Orbit space launch vehicles
  • Space Exploration/ Alternate propulsion systems
  • Dynamics and Control of Flight Vehicles (all Mach Ranges)
  • Precision Landing Recovery of Earth Return Vehicles (all L/D ranges)
  • Coupled Fluid/Structure/Acoustics Formulations
  • Vibration Isolation/reduction systems
  • Effects of Space Flight on Human Spine
  • Advanced Propulsion Systems/ Reduced scale Propulsion Testing
  • In-space Propulsion
  • Detection of Propulsion Combustion/defect instabilities using Acoustic Sensing
  • Effects of Sloshing in Dynamics of Spacecraft
  • Morphing Vehicles
  • Risk reduction via Scaled Experiments/Computations/Flight Testing

SpaceED program participants have close ties with industry and acknowledge in particular our local industry partner AEROJET for their support of our program. Aerojet, a GenCorp Inc. company, is a major space and defense contractor specializing in missile and space propulsion, and defense and armaments.

The SpaceED Executive Committee Founding Members: 

Nesrin Sarigul-Klijn (Founding Director), Fidelis Eke, Ron Hess

Alternates: Marti M. Sarigul-Klijn, Bruce White

Board of Participants :

R. Davis, J.P. Delplanque, F. Eke, R. Farouki, M. Gupta, M. Hafez, R. Hess, S. Hazelwood, S. Joshi, W. Kollmann, E. Klineberg, V. Laspanora, B. M. Martin, M.F. Platzer, S. Robinson, L. Rehfield, N. Sarigul-Klijn, M. Sarigul-Klijn, B. Shaw, C. Van Dam, B. White

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