DynaaTECC Research Lab

About the Lab

The DynaaTECC research laboratory deals with Dynamics, acoustics, aeroelasticity, Theory, Experiments, Computations and Controls of mobility systems found in engineering and medical cross-disciplinary fields that can behave rigidly or flexibly under natural and forced environments. Student researchers work on their Ph.D. dissertations or Master’s thesis research directed by Professor Sarigul-Klijn, and are from one of the following graduate programs: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; or Biomedical Engineering.


Selected Research Topics

(Section Under Development)

Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerators (IADs) are an important atmospheric re-entry technology for landing large payloads on Mars. It is not feasible to scale current entry, descent, and landing systems for larger payloads; therefore, the DynaaTECC Research Lab is investigating IAD deployment using computational simulation.



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