iPGS (innovative Power Generation Systems Lab) 

Current Research Work:


-Mobile Renewable Energy capture & storage at Sea (MREs), Wind over Water based renewable autonomous energy ships, aka e-ships

Enables the provisions of :1) renewably generated electricity, and stored in charged batteries and/or  renewably generated hydrogen (green H2)

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our spaceship earth and humanity. If you like to team up as we respond to climate action  email  ipgs@ucdavis.edu for further information, or email lab director Professor Sarigul-Klijn at nsarigulklijn@ucdavis.edu for participation in ongoing research and development.


First proposed in 2009

by M.F. Platzer and N. Sarigul-Klijn  at the ASME Energy Sustainability Conference, San Francisco and received ASME Energy Division Best Paper Award.

Energy Ship Advantages:  Energy ships, aka e-ships operate in international waters and therefore require no permits;
Capacity factors are likely to be twice those of land-based wind turbines; Convoys with autonomous hydrofoil-borne ships are likely to be cost competitive with off-shore wind turbines. Autonomous Energy Ships : Wind over Water (WoW) concept

Current Collaborators: Sandia National Labs WTO, Green Energy Ship Inc

-Portable Hybrid Renewable Energy Harvester (California Energy Tree): Natural/Solar/Wind

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